Sound OF Thumweh TV

SOFT TV is a weekly youtube show with a mission to entertain, empower, and encourage the Karen people of Myanmar. This show is a program of The Urban Village and serves as an amplifier of community voices in St. Paul MN.

Meet the Director of Soft TV:

My name is Ku Hser, and it means Could Sweet. I was born in Myanmar or (Burma) and grew up with my family until age 12. I do not know what a normal childhood life is. My childhood life was very different from other kids. Since I was little, my family and I never had a stable place to live because of the civil war. We always moved to place-to-place to escape the war. In 2004, I moved to Thailand, Mae La Refugee Camp, and I was 12 years old at that time. I left my family and moved to Thailand because I want to go to school. I lived in a refugee camp for four years. After four years, I moved to the United States, in 2008.  One night, I remembered my mom used to sing me a song when I was little. After that, I start to write songs and expressed my feelings through music. It was my mother who inspired me to sing. Music is my therapist and my life. In 2015, I released my very first album called "Ta Eh Nay A Ta K'Ma Oh Gu?" All money I got from the album, I donated them to the churches. I love to support people and like to invent new things. Therefore, in 2020 during a pandemic, I started an online singing competition called "Sound of ThuMweh". The main purpose of this competition is to promote young artists. It is organizing by a group of Karen musicians and we plan to host the competition one a year. I also started a TV show calls SOFT.TV.

"I love what I do, and I do what I love" and I will continue to do more the things that I enjoy doing.

2020 Contestants

Lay Mu/1st Winner

Lay Mu is the winner of Sound Of ThumWeh Singing Content in 2020.

Angelyn/2nd place

Angelyn is the second-place winner of the Sound Of ThuMweh Singing Competition in 2020.

Paw Soe Soe/3rd Place Winnerop 10

Paw Soe Soe is the 3rd place winner of the Sound Of ThuMweh Singing competition.


SOFT.TV Videos