Our Work

The Urban Village is a launchpad for community-led programs, entrepreneurs, and artists. Our vision is big but our strategy is simple...be a village.

Since May 2019, The Urban Village has acted as an incubator for community-led projects that are committed to building, supporting, and cultivating opportunities for Myanmar diaspora refugees in Minnesota. Here's a running list of all the things that we've been a part of...

Soft TV (weekly Karen news and entertainment show), Asian Youth Outreach (gang and substance use prevention), Friday food distributions (TUV partnership with HAFA and The Food Group), Solidarity Street Art, Youth in Action (Karen youth movement), Karen typing class, Karen for Black lives movement, Karen pro painters, Karen Networking Nights, Karenni dance group, Salween peace park fundraiser, Free Burma Rangers screening, community forums, the Mural Project, and countless informal community gatherings.

At The Urban Village, we know that the road to opportunity and achievement can be difficult to travel alone. We believe it takes a village.